Game Drive

The Chobe region is teeming with wildlife, and is, as such, a safari-lover’s Mecca. There are over 75 species of mammals in the area surrounding Cresta Mowana Safari Resort & Spa, including tens of thousands of elephants in the adjacent Chobe National Park. To take full advantage of this incredible wealth of game, enjoy guided game drives whilst staying at the resort. The game drives are led by an experienced and qualified guides in an open safari vehicle. The game drive is also the ideal opportunity to capture the African wilderness in what is sure to be spectacular photographs. The Chobe National Park has some of the largest concentrations of game on the African continent, and regular sightings include giraffe, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah and bushbuck. 


Game Drive in Chobe National Park


River Boat Cruise

The Chobe River provides sustenance for many-a-creature in the region surrounding Cresta Mowana, and these animals often come down to the river to replenish themselves. As an accompaniment to your game drive, step out onto a reliable boat that graciously explores the Chobe River and introduces guests to the various animals and bird species that frequent it. Better yet, go on a river boat cruise at either sunrise or sunset to witness the sheer beauty of the African sky as it gradually changes colour. 



As the Chobe National Park teems with animals, so the Chobe River teems with fish. The abundance of game fish provides fishermen and women with the opportunity to try their hand at tackling the infamous Tiger Fish, or anticipating the bite of the timid tilapia. All fishing gear will be provided, and along with an exciting day of fishing, guests will also be treated to the stunning views of the surrounding wilderness. 


Chobe River Boat Cruise


Bird Watching

Housing over 450 species of birds, the adjoining Chobe National Park is one of Africa’s finest birding safari locations. For birding enthusiasts, there exists the opportunity to view such bird species as: the African Finfoot, the Halfcollared Kingfisher, the Rackettailed Roller, the Coppery Sunbird, the Pygmy Goose, the Pinkthroated Longclaw, the Brown Firefinch, and the Western Banded Snake Eagle. 


Nature Walk

For a more leisurely activity option, simply go on a nature walk and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the African bushveld. Guided walks can be arranged, if necessary, however, we understand that there are some things better experienced on your own, at your own leisurely pace. 


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